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Radiographic Test Film Interpretation (RTFI) Course - Level II ASNT

Training course objective:

1. Understand the basic principles of the radiographic inspection procedure
2. Understand the radiographic film processing procedures
3. Recognise limitations in exposure quality
4. Understand potential causes of processing artifacts
5. Assess radiographic quality
6. Understand viewing condition requirements
7. Interpret radiographic codes and specifications
8. Write reports based on code requirements
9. Understand origins of defects
10. Locate and recognise radiographic images of defects with a high probability of detection

Level II Course outline

1. Review Of The Radiographic Variables Related To Film Interpretation
2. Film
3. Radiographic Viewing
4. Radiographic Image Quality
5. Exposure Techniques
6. Discontinuities
7. Radiographic artifacts
8. Codes, Procedures, and Written Practices
9. Radiographic Report Forms

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