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Suitable for:

Candidates who already hold BGAS-CSWIP grades 3 and 2 in paint/painting inspection. This, the advanced qualification, deals specifically with offshore practices.

Course Content:

Zones of offshore structures; offshore working; safety offshore; medical, emergency procedures/escape routes; permit to work systems; vessel entry and enclosed space working; scaffolding; fire protection; BS 5378 safety signs and colours; BS 1710 identification of pipelines; finish colour schedules BS 381C and BS 4800.

Certification/Awarding Body:

Course Objectives:

• To recognise zones and structures of offshore platforms
• To recognise the dangers and the safety precautions required when working offshore
• To understand the importance and nature of fireproof coatings
• To understand paint systems and their use for particular substrates and temperatures
• To pass BGAS-CSWIP grade 1 examination

Additional Information:
Candidates MUST bring:

• 2 passport sized photographs
• A valid eyesight certificate from a doctor or an optician showing satisfactory eyesight for near vision, permitting reading a minimum of Times Roman N4, or equivalent type and size letters, at not less than 300mm on a standard test chart for near vision, in at least one eye, corrected or uncorrected. Candidates for the painting inspector will be required to have had a colour perception assessment by the Ishihara 24 plate test or an equivalent.
• A completed application form and full examination fee


Renewal can only be made within three months of the expiry date. Any application received after three months of the expiry cannot be considered and can only be renewed by re-examination. Four-day training course with a half-day examination on day 5, or for less experienced candidates there is the opportunity to take the examination the following week.


Candidates must hold a valid BGAS Painting Inspector Grade 2 certificate prior to obtaining Grade 1. The minimum duration for industrial experience prior to or following success in the qualification examination is 12 months, providing evidence of a good knowledge of offshore working, safety, and painting inspection.


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