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Course Content

Source and nature of ionising radiation; relevant basic physics; behaviour of radioactive isotopes; absorption processes; units of activity and dose; radiation damage to the human body; somatic and hereditary damage; stochastic and deterministic effects; early and late effects; principles of radiation protection; methods of radiation protection (time, distance, shielding); dose limits; safe distance and other protection calculations; gamma containers and tests on them; packaging, labelling and transport; instrumentation and monitoring; emergency procedures and equipment; Radiation Protection Supervisor will also include the requirements for Radiation Protection Supervisors; knowledge and understanding of the requirements to assess doses; carry out hazard assessments; implement contingency plans and emergency procedures; arrangements for the provision of dosemeters and the keeping of dose records.

Certification / Awarding Body

Course Duration :

The minimum required duration of training, which includes both theoretical and practical elements, is:
• Level 1 - 16 hours

Course Objectives

1. To list basic hazards and harmful effects relating to exposure to radiation
2. To calculate/evaluate safe distances and check dose levels
3. To explain effective uses of shielding and distance
4. To devise and execute contingency arrangements
5. To learn emergency procedures
6. To meet syllabus requirements for PCN

Entry Requirements (For Examination)

The minimum duration for experience prior to or following success in the qualification examination is:
• Level 1 - 03 months

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